Welcome to Predire Industries

We produce Racks, Transport Fixtures, Stillages, Control Equipment, tank and vacuum vessels and can also provide services within measurements and machining .

The activities, know-how and experience at Predire includes a wide perspective from machining, by laser cutting, turning, pressing, milling, sheet metal processing, welding and complete assembly. We perform measurements in our own modern measuring hall, including four CMMs, and are responsible for the design and development of transportfixtures, racks, stillages.

Predire is a well established supplier of small vessels – vaccumsystem, transportfixturer for robotic packaging to include automotive, light steel structures, and also works as a reliable sub-contractor.

The material being processed at Predire Industries are steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and plastics, often in combination with the machining, assembly and installation, in order to deliver a complete end product.